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Custom-Designed & Fabricated for 75 Years

As the world leader in panelized custom homes, Acorn Deck House Company has a distinguished legacy of experience and quality. From 1947 until today, Acorn Deck House Company has built over 20,000 homes worldwide and continues to design and prefabricate custom, luxury homes at our Acton, Massachusetts headquarters every day.

We offer our clients truly unique custom homes that cannot be duplicated elsewhere. Each home is custom designed by our talented in-house architects and managed from start to finish by one of our experienced project directors.

We specialize in providing individualized attention to our clients and designing each home to fit a client’s unique needs, site layout, and budgetary requirements. Once designed, a home is then panelized and fabricated in our 85,000-square-foot, climate-controlled factory before it is shipped to its building site. Our panelized fabrication method offers many benefits, including reduced waste, precise fit and finish, increased energy efficiency, and minimization of weather delays, while still allowing for full design flexibility.

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Our Homes

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Each design in our portfolio is an example of a home that we custom-designed for another client's individual needs. If you decide to work with us, our team would work with you to understand your specific requirements and aesthetic preferences to design a custom home specifically for you. Although we currently do not offer standard models to choose from, if you are drawn to the design of one of our existing homes, we would can also use that as a starting point and modify accordingly.

Our Process

Our Process | Step 1 | Land & Site Analysis
Our Process | Step 2 | Custom Design
Our Process | Step 3 | Planning & Pricing
Our Process | Step 4 | Panelization & Fabrication
Our Process | Step 5 | Construction
Our Process | Step 6 | After Care & Owner Services
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The first step to creating your dream home is to work with your Project Director to design a space that is integrated specifically to your site, and satisfies both your wish list and your budget. Decades of experience plays into every project we do, thus minimizing any potential for unpleasant surprises throughout the process. Once your desired design is achieved, we then panelize and fabricate the components at our manufacturing facility in Acton, Massachusetts, before we ship your component package to your site, where it will be assembled by a local builder.

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